Write For Us

Are you a parent who enjoys writing?

 We want to give you the opportunity to write for us.


In the digital world we all live in, more and more people have a digital presence in some way or another.

Whether it be blog posting, Instagram or FB – we all take part.

We would like to hear from the bloggers! The writers and webmasters out there who like to create content specifically for blog articles.

Even if you have never written for a blog post before but think you would like to try, then we would also like to hear from you too.

In return, www.maclarenbaby.com.au will give you a valuable back link.

There is nothing like some good back link juice from an authoritative site, such as maclarenbaby.com.au, to help boost your SEO rankings.

If this interests you then please read the rules below and contact us.


#1: Article must be at least 500 words long

#2: Article must be without any grammatical errors and written native in English language only

#3: Article must be 100% unique


#5: We allow you to put your website link in the article. (We may consider links to other sites)

#6: Cost to accept the guest post is $25AU, in order to keep with the site expenses.

#7: SAVE 20% – If you also supply an original photo related to the post then the cost will be only $20AU

The rules must be followed for the content to be excepted.

If you agree with the rules then send us a message on our contact page.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you.